Free shipping on all orders within Dhaka
Free shipping on all orders within Dhaka

About AL1F

There is NO Better

Our success is not only due to the quality of our produce; it is down to our ‘CAN DO’ attitude and the way we treat our valued customers.

Our Story

Australia, what a country! We are blessed to call Australia home, where we eat the freshest of fruits and vegetables. To take a bite of an apple that has just been picked is something to treasure. Unfortunately, we can not share this amazing bounty with our loved ones living in Bangladesh.
Not anymore. With AL1F, you place an order of the fruits and vegetables you wish to enjoy from Australia today, we will ship the produce by AIR to Bangladesh and tomorrow your wish list will be on your table for you to enjoy with your family and your loved ones. It is that quick and that simple.
We are a family business, husband and wife team. We do everything ourselves. From buying the produce ourselves from the market, loading it on the container to deliver it to your house. Our produce never see the shelves of a shop.
Our aim is to provide you with the best quality fruits and vegetable that we can find in the market on the day and send to you such that, if anyone else came and tried to give you better produce, they will not be able to. AL1F, There is no better!
So, sit back, click and order and enjoy the Best Australia has to offer.

Our Dream Team

Jamil Syeed

Co-Founder, CEO

Tazrina Khan

Co-Founder, Global Head of Customer Relations

Md Shoyeb Kamal

Co-Founder, COO

Ranju Islam

Co-Founder, CIO

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